fess up time…

come on, how was your weekend? how did you do?
there is no judgement, only concern.

did you over do it on one meal and go what the hell and pig out the rest of the day because you figured since you already (messed up)….i use to do that…

did you try to choose to eat better for you foods? (me example, did not eat bread with the biscuit from mcdonalds)..

did you exercise? did you do what you could based on your body?

were you aware of the cals in vs cals out this weekend?

so what if you ate too much of the wrong choiced foods or high calorie…so what….so what

take a breath and read this and let it sink in

its over now…never to come back or return for a do over
what you can do now, is do better

last week was my first week (back)….i focused mainly on NO SNACKING as i love to do that…..give me chips and dip baby and keep it coming..i also focused on doing no bread–no rice–no pasta..and i stuck by it, even when we went out a couple times…..let me tell you that last friday, it was damn hard not to order a burger and fries……BUT i won that battle…

now, no food is off limits..there are choices
i made the choice to not eat that..it was the right one for me.
just like what you eat or choose not to eat is yours.

isnt it amazing at the power you have…YOU have the power.

you have the power to believe in yourself
you have the power to eat better IF YOU WANT

for a long time, i did not want to
i chose not too….i was in the no longer care attitude

now i do care again…i do care..and if you don’t, you need to
but you have to do it..you have to believe it.

it is a hard thing to believe in oneself again
i am 52 or 53 (need to ask Michelle to find out which) and have
always had issues with that.

but IF you dont believe in you, who will?
sure your spouse/partner will but they cant eat for you.
they cant exercise for you…

i have had some bad things happen to me in the last months
i truly felt like giving up….truly…..i never wanted to wake
up again…but i had to take a moment….think that yes, you can do this again……you know how (we all do)….we know right from wrong (dont run a red light, dont eat ant poison, if a shark is swimming near by, dont go in the water)..

so make that choice right now….today….

try it for one meal
make you next meal or snack a better choice
i am serious….not only will it be better for you BUT you will
realize that you CAN do this..

yes you can

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to fess up time…

  1. geekkat says:

    I did not snack, I go out and actually started walking outside again, and just enjoyed the first weekend with no rain.

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