Friday night and Saturday morning

Well last night, we went and saw my beautiful friend Monika play in her band near our house so we didn’t have far to go. It was a cute little Pub sports bar place.

Well we looked at the menu good 10 minutes and I was sitting there trying to think what in the world am I going to order. I have been doing so good I did not want to fuck it up. So I got a side order of green beans, a plain baked potato and I ordered four chicken fingers but only ate one. I took the other three home to my dog. My baby Doberman.

My husband on the other hand ordered a humongous hamburger and fries. Trust me week before I started over again. I would have had the exact same thing as him. But I did not. I’m so proud of myself. Note here that I do not give myself compliments so it’s surprising that I’m paying myself one

Fast forward to this morning. My husband and my dog ride to McDonald’s every Saturday and Sunday to get coffee. Why? Because my dog likes to ride in the car. So my dog loving hubby takes him to McDonald’s and he gets two coffees that are a dollar a piece And gets the baby a hash brown. So anyhow he said before he left what did you want to eat.

Now for the last couple of years I’ve been eating like that egg cheese sausage biscuit hash browns. But today I said get me a egg cheese, sauasage biscuit and when you get home take the biscuit off and give it to the puppy and that is exactly what he did. So today I had one egg and one sausage.

Now I’m doing what works for me.. I have to be strict with myself because if I don’t I will fall back into the old habits that made me regain most of my weight.

I’m not proud to be telling everybody who reads this, but it’s the truth. Sorry it’s the fucking truth… let’s just keep it real. I have to restrict my calories because I am a volume eating person. that means I like to eat a lot. My weight loss surgery of choice helps me not eat as much so I have to help it by making better choices and that is exactly what I am doing.

Tonight we’re going to my husband’s friends motorcycle club they’re having a support dinner to raise funds for their club. They’re having a steak night $10 you get a steak and potato and a salad. I plan on eating a plain baked potato and most of my steak minus the fat because I don’t eat that and if they do karaoke I will be singing Lita Ford Kiss Me Deadly..

How are you doing ? Let me hear from you

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