• coming into existence or awareness.
    “her awakening desire”
    it takes an awakening and a facing of the truth to make a change..IF you don’t want to, you won’t. IF you do, you can and you will. IT is hard. I have done this losing weight shit my entire adult life. I even had the help of WLS to assist me. See, I said, assist. My WLS was not a miracle. I had to help it. I did for a while and had GREAT success. Then my skin surgery was turned down and I got depressed and said F**K it. Why bother……and here I am yet again, having another awakening moment.
    it has been 5 days….just 5
    no idea if i have lost weight….as a reminder, i do not own a scale. you can
    judge weight loss by your clothes…that is what i am intending to go by…I do however, feel better mentally. i feel positive and i feel like i am getting somewhere..
    i am not snacking (when i did, it was chips and dip)
    i am not eating Mcdonalds or Wendys (fries fries and cheese burgers/loaded)
    and that alone will help me not only lose weight but give me mental strength.
    you have to believe!!
    for about 2 yrs, i truly stopped. i went back to what i did before. the lapband would not let me eat a huge amount so it helped me somewhat. but i was eating high fat foods again. i did not care. NOPE…..
    then the knees started to get bad and after xray’s let me know that replacement was in my future most likely, and the dr said losing weight would help and then i couldnt get on the bike to ride anymore with my hub… it all started crashing down around me…if not for eye candy and michelle, i do not know what i would have done…
    so here i am…..i think many would call me a failure. so what
    i fail if i do not try
    Weight loss requires getting complete nutrition with fewer calories than you burn.

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  1. Eye Candy says:

    that was wonderful!!

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