Start…HOW to do it…

it is pretty simple…..YOU START

you have to get in a mindset. you have to hit your point where you had ENOUGH
during the last 2 or 3 weeks, i have been very depressed and yes, as food helps, i made sure i ate things knowing that they were bad for me….i mean who cares right..fat ass lady…

so i wrote my hub a letter….yes when i am at work, i have down time and write him letters (love notes that are like 6 to 9 pages long)…i said on april 23rd, we start again…i laid out what i wanted..i wanted to revert to what i did in the past (when i was helping the lap band) potatoes, no bread, no rice, no pasta…drinking at least 96 oz of liquid per day (water)…ps wine does not count LOL..since i cannot walk far due to my bad knees, i have to watch my calories….cals in vs cals out is in major play..

i have always believed and still believe that NO food is bad..some are just not very good choices. we as (professional dieters) know what is good and bad..example of good…an apple…..example of bad…bag of cheetos…i happen to like wine……i prefer beer but i cannot have carbonation (no soda or beer since 2012—for real)….so i will enjoy my wine..i am living..not punishing myself…

so, april 23rd… i started…it was simple….i chose to eat better..

CHOOSE to eat lunch, there is a McD’s, Wendy and BK less than a mile from me..they all 3 have the dollar menu..easy to eat cheap and i will admit, good tasting food. the good stuff, high salt, high fat, high everything…

so back to the one thing that WORKS….prepare your food. i am back to bringing my food to eat.

if i dont bring it, i dont eat it.

i make sure protein is KEY.
protein is very important. it gives our body gas to move. if you are hungry, eat. eat smart. do not deprive as that can and will turn into a binge..

nothing wrong with going back to basics.
portion control–my lap band helps me eat less when i dont ignore the stop signs
eat when really and truly hungry… when was the last time your belly growled?
if you are hungry, drink could be you are needing liquid.

in today’s world, we have times to eat….breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack…YOU decide when and most importantly WHAT to eat.

again, YOU know what to eat…just like i do…it is up to me to make sure i choose the better foods for me….sure i will eat whatever sometimes…life is life..but to lose weight, we must lose it the same way we gained it..

by eating.

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to Start…HOW to do it…

  1. Michelle Jones says:

    I am with you girl, let’s do this. I need to loss 35 lbs now!!

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