I am back…..please read

So where have I been?
So much to tell and let you know what I am doing and where I am.
Well here is the shortened version.

Summer 2015-April 22nd 2018
Let myself overeat and gain just about all the weight back that I lost.
NOTE that the lap band worked and it works NOW if I let it. I just CHOSE not to.

Oct 2017
Somehow I reinjured my knee and it’s been painful ever since. Using a cane to help walk. Getting cortisone shots (which do seem to work). Also using Motrin 800 as Tylenol does NOT work with pain.

Dec 6 2017
Left that job that was causing me so much grief and stress.
Will miss my coworker Michelle and Marie. Thankfully we still keep in touch.

Dec 15
Got 1st set of gel shots in both knees. Hub went with me.
Did not hurt.

Dec 20 2017
Started a new job with NO stress and NO drama. Closer to my house. Leave work at 5, home at 530. Had some stress with some aspects but getting along OK. Not the dream job but it is a job. I do try to do it well. Had to advise them of my bad knee and that I needed 2 shots in the next 2 weeks. They seemed to understand and did not cause any grief when it was time for me to go.

Dec 27 2017
2nd gel shot in both knees
I did it at lunch and came back same day.

Jan 3rd gel shot in both knees. I did it at lunch and came back same day.

Jan-April 22nd 2018
Not doing much aside from working and coming home and resting my knee.
Overeating. Eating out aka fast food aka excess calories. Began feeling my depression coming on and hitting Me full force. Struggling on coming to terms with it all.

March 2018
Twisted my knee somehow and again it took a turn for the worse.
I had not used my cane since Jan and it felt like it was getting better. Another cortisone injection. Cannot get gel shots until August. Dr prescribed me Lidocaine patches to put on my knees. I wrap ace Bandages to hold them on and it gives me support on my knees as I feel I will fall. Still using Motrin 800 as Tylenol does NOT work with pain.

April 8th
Mother in law passes away.

April 10 to 12 2018
I took off work to be with hub.

April 20, 21 2018
Biker hubs motorcycle club big 2 day party. It went well
I was scared to go because of my knee and feeling embarrassed that people who hadn’t seen me in a while Would go wow, she got fat again….wow, she walks with a cane (lose weight lady is prob what they thought) and me fearing that I would embarrass hub. Was a long and hard weekend on my knees (my right knee is the problem child) and of course my depression.

April 23 2018
I begin AGAIN.

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to I am back…..please read

  1. geekkat says:

    Welcome back!! Don’t let it get you down about the weight. Yes it sucks but guess what you are still here and you are doing it again. I’m in the boat with you. the weight I lost I gained back but I am not giving up and you should not either. You will be successful. Every day is different with it’s own set of challenges. Just take each day one at a time.

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