grateful by MJ

my friend knows that today i am very sad…..tomorrow my son and my grandbaby will be flying to alaska for 4 yrs for the Air Force and i am already missing heart is heavy…she told me to be grateful that i was able to see them…and as usual, she is right.

she emailed me the most kindest email i believe i have ever received.
i intend on sharing parts of it as i feel it would (maybe help) someone if anyone read it and needed it as it would hit home..
so i am sharing words from MJ……my friend….


An important key, I believe, is being a grateful person. If you are grateful, you will see the world differently. You will see that there are always good things behind everything that happen. You will realize that your life is wonderful, and you will be joyful.

1. Realize how rich you are
2. Realize what a healthy and prosperous life you have
3. Realize what a blessing it is to live in peace
4. Open your eyes to see the good things in your life
5. Maintain a “good things” journal
6. Understand there are positive things behind the bad things that happen
7. Have a special session of gratitude
8. Meet positive people
9. Focus on giving
10. Decide to be a grateful person

if you truly reach each item, you are a successful person if you are honest with yourself. and if we are honest (truly/brutally), we can succeed and yes, MJ, be grateful for what we have right now.

even if it hurts

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3 Responses to grateful by MJ

  1. Eye Candy says:

    Loved it all. I grew up poor, didn’t realize it I was little, in public housing in Boston. My mother always said be thankful for what you have. If your sofa cost $50. or $50,000. it’s yours, treat it well and be thankful. I am a gambler, she would say if you only won $10. it’s a win not a loss.
    So CG, having the princess for a short time is better than no time. She’ll be state side now.

  2. Michelle Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have to read it continually myself.

    Michelle J

  3. ap0pl3xy says:

    that is AmAzing and all so true. It applies to everything that happens in life. Adding to my deck of things to do and be….

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