Make it fun/count when eating

many people eat lunch at work, or in a lunch room, break room, car etc…
when you eat, make it something wonderful.

use a plate (not paper)
use a real fork/spoon (not plastic)
use a real glass
use a real napkin

Have the items with you and at lunch time, take it out and make it a grand occasion. Enjoy your lunch. Chew slowly. Taste the food. Some even put their fork down in between bites. Some take a small sip. There is nothing wrong with plastic spoons/paper plates, but make it special for you. Enjoy your hour or whatever time you are permitted.


Image result for eat lunch dishes

Or this:

table glass cup food saucer eat lunch tableware material dishes gastronomy dishware drinkware




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1 Response to Make it fun/count when eating

  1. Eye Candy says:

    I believe in real dinnerware, flatware and glasses. I use paper napkins but dinner size at home. I use to use cloth ones but they got to be a pain for washing with 2 sons and their friends all the time. I set the table correctly, even if it’s just me eating. I place my napkin on my lap no matter where I am. My mother never owned paper plates, cups or plastic flatware and she lived to 96. Manners don’t know black/white/rich/poor. I have always taught my sons that but now it’s their wives responsibility.

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