Whose not eating snacks? ME….

is anyone there?

well, things are going GREAT
i am def focusing on my eating and what i am eating

when i say focus on my eating, i am making sure i enjoy it
i am tasting it..savoring the flavors and relishing in knowing that i am eating
to make myself better. i make it worth it and i make it count esp since i am now not snacking (for i love to eat snacks…grab chips, cheese it’s etc)….to me
when i snack, i’d rather do this then eat a meal. BUT i am not allowing myself to do this…i am choosing to eat better

the first week, i focused on what i was eating….into the late first week and in the second week, it was how much (not overeating to the stuffed feeling)…and now on this 3rd week, i am making the focus on how i am eating. i am taking it slow as i am suppose to and making it a presentation.

eating is a wonderful thing
we must eat or we die

i had WLS to not eat as MUCH as i am a volume eater and this works when i work with it…and now i am πŸ™‚

it is eat to lose weight and what is eating you…

make the choice and then do it…ONLY you can do it….and i am the only one who can help myself..here is what i have been doing for 3 weeks thus far:

1. eat protein first in every meal
2. drink a lot (esp if i think i am hungry–usually it is become i am thirsty)
3. no snacking (nope–this is a major calorie consumption for me)
4. cutting out processed/boxes carbs
5. no potatoes
6. no rice
7. no pasta
8. no bread

this may not work for you but it will work for me.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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4 Responses to Whose not eating snacks? ME….

  1. Michelle Jones says:

    Stay on me I am with you.

    Michelle J

  2. ap0pl3xy says:

    Right on girl, keep it up, congratulations on finding a new path! Lay off the sugar too and the lbs will fly off. You’d be surprised how much sugar things like yogurt and even milk have in them, its crazy.
    Keep us posted! You are inspiring me to try again!

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