should i be embarrassed?

life is going good……its all about the protein
my knees are hurting today and tonight we have a concert in the park with the world famous embers and craig wollard….the park is about 1/2 block from our house…i dread that walk already…i may take my cane to help me.

should i be embarrassed?

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4 Responses to should i be embarrassed?

  1. Nop, shouldn’t be embarrassed, You use an aid to help you, some people take medication, others use an animal. You use a cane

  2. ap0pl3xy says:

    throw some flames on that bad boy, have fun with it! No shame in it whatsoever. Shame is a self-applied (whats the word??) feeling that is usually worthless.
    you rock and with what you are doing for your weight you will need it less and less as you get lighter, right? Either way, own it. You are kicking ass!

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