Day 3…..anyone here ??

I again apologize for dropping out of sight. I hope you can forgive me.

So on day 3 of me trying to get back into the mindset of being a WLS patient who is trying to get healthy, I am doing GREAT.

Today, I find that I am hungry. Now am I hungry because I am thirsty or do I need to eat protein OR do I just think I am hungry? I recall I use to drink when I was hungry and that usually solved the issue. Protein…..think your car needs gas to get up and go. If your body is starving, you are hungry. So eat. Head hunger is a brutal awful thing. I hear or see people eating OR smell it and I am like WANTING some to. That is head hunger (to me anyhow).

Now that I am back to doing what I am suppose to be doing food and exercise wise, I need to retrain my thoughts and also retrain my stomach aka lap band and plication that no longer will you be eatting/getting whatever you want or how much. (Even though I ate wrong, my band would still say enough so it was working. If I ate more than I should, it got very uncomfy. To describe it a very, very full feeling (like Thanksgiving dinner). Its hard, I won’t lie but then again, it is not that hard.

I was a volumn eater. The more the better. My WLS of choice helped with that. AND when I added my mindset and eat more better food for me, I lost weight. It is not overly hard. I will get that way again. It is doable. IF I want to.

So what am I doing?

Well, my knees are both hurting bad and a couple months ago, after xrays, I was told both need to be replaced. Well, I am going to try to hold off on that as long as I can. OUCHIE

I do know that as I lose weight, my mobility gets better/easier. Baby steps again. Depressing and makes me angry but hey, it is what it is…

Monday, I stopped with the things I use to do. So off limits is bread, rice, pasta, potatoes (processed items (think things in a box). I have been eating protein, veggies and drinking more.

I love to snack. Those Fried Green Tomato potato chips—-to die for. So out goes snacking. UNLESS we snack good.
Protein bar, nuts/fruit, yoghurt (I cant eat that stuff dangit)….you get the point.

DO not diet. Not eating will backfire in the long run.

So, day 3…I am hanging in there. Preparing my lunch, boiling my eggs for a protein snack and trying to think positive.
Its early yet but I feel better. I can do it.

IF I want to.

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4 Responses to Day 3…..anyone here ??

  1. Dan says:

    You need to replace carbs with fats. Read the book “The Big Fat Surprise” so that you won’t think I’m crazy, but natural fats are not only not bad for you, they are good for you. Purchase or make some quality breakfast sausage and eat some of that for breakfast. Get some high quality sausage like bratwurst the have for lunch. You will be filled up eating them and will be satisfied for many hours. Eat marbled steak or pork chops for dinner. When you eat chicken eat with the skin on it. Eat dark meat because it’s got more fat in it. Read my blog for hours of information on good and healthy fats.

  2. Eye Candy says:

    you’re doing amazing. Just retraining is very hard. You mentioned processed foods, someone on FB said if there is a commercial, then it’s bad for you. Sad but true, good foods are never mentioned.

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