jelly shots for knees……….maybe soon

well, went to my Ortho dr yesterday for my knees. Dr Vaughn was super nice…please see the x-ray i have here….on the left, you see the white stuff. That is my bone rubbing directly on bone on either knee. The clear space is cartilage and should go all the way across the knee. mine does not and hence the pain…

so he gave me a cortisone shot on the right knee as this is the one that has been hurting. about 2 months ago i fell directly on that knee and its been hurting ever since. a couple times, i had to walk with a cane and the bending of it was just brutal at times. Went to the reg dr twice for steroid shots in my butt to help with the inflammation. this last time, she decided i needed to see a knee dr… i did……..he took about 25 x-rays and in some positions, it hurt pretty good.

so after he came in to see me, he wanted to know when i first hurt my knees. 1983 i was pushed down on both my knees and they have hurt ever since. dr said that started it and with being a female and my mom/grandmother history, i was bound to get it. he said most woman have dense bones. i asked him about supplements, he said that doesn’t work and is a waste of money. 

so he said he hopes this shot helps and i can get one every 3 months and then we can start the jelly shots. I have had about 4 people tell me these work and has helped them not have surgery…which is what he/dr and i most not want..

he made me feel comfortable and not a fat fuck that i am but made me see that i could help the situation by me being mobile again yes, lose weight to help. i feel very good today. he gave me courage and he gave me something i needed, understanding. 

so he got a big needle out and i looked out the window, and he said i am putting some cold stuff on your knee to help the pain and i turned to look at him and he said all done!!!!! it felt funny afterward and he said he made my knee mad by doing this and that it could hurt worse in the coming days for this reason and that within 2 months, i should feel less paid (or sooner). 

i am feeling pretty okay today. 


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