afraid to lose it…

well….life is life isnt it
sometimes it is good and sometimes it just sucks ASS

but all in all, if we are honest, life is not too bad. i find myself thinking about the green grass on the other side, or just because they have a big house and beamer, are they automatically happier than me? just because kim k is gorgeous, rich, does that make her more better than me who is the opposite? is any one person better than the other?

i always wondered what the next person life was like. would i be happier in a big house? in a cleaner house YES but with a crazy ass doberman and a crazy ass ole man…those days are rare..what would make me happy?

i always thought if i weighed 98 pounds i would be. it seems to me that i am always looking for something that is outta my reach. what if i am too scared to try and be happy? you know the story, us fat people are jolly. ho ho ho

i know i have it better than i am entitled to. my hub treats me like a princess and caters to me and the crazy ass doberman. but inside…i am still scared to totally
let go…

afraid to lose it….


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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