knee pain

had 2 bad patches of knee pain recently and had to return to the dreaded doctor.

i fell down on it last month on my right knee and it was okay and then at work,
it just jacked up and i could not hardly stand on it. so i got a steroid shot and some 800 motrin to take for the inflammation. It got better..

then it happened again
back to the doctor for another short and more motrin…they xray my right knee
and found bone spurs and hence the pain OUCH

the doctor called in a referral for a ortho appt. they said maybe they
can get me cortisone shot for my knee directly and maybe see what else is going on

this weekend, my hubs big biker 2 day bash …aka fest is happening ……

i am concerned bout my knee
i am concerned bout people seeing my fatness and laughing at me
i am ashamed
i am still stressing at work

and all this on top of the russia planes flying by where our son is about to get
stationed in alaska at and me trying NOT to worry……

sorry i have not been writing so please forgive me

i love you and i thank you for reading me if you do and for being my friend
and support unit


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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One Response to knee pain

  1. Eye Candy says:

    Mother Hen again and her 2 cents. I thought Lap Banders can never have motrin. Does the doctor know?
    Next, who cares what the other ladies/females think or care. Non of their business and bad knees have nothing to do with weight. A thin cousin just had her second knee cleaning. She has never been over 130, I think. I have had knee surgery, not replacement, injections of some plastic shit about 10 different times at PT and I refuse to replace the 2 suckers since I was 40, now 66, for those who don’t know me. So CG, go with a happy face. Enjoy yourself, share pictures.

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