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Hey…Remember me??

sorry i have not wrote for a few days. did you forget me so quickly?? i admit i am pretty easy to forget hahhaa

last week i was off thurs and fri from work as my ole man took a trip to fla for daytona bike week….and he had a good time..it was perfect weather..he got to play in pool, visit hooters and a couple clubs with the boys..

i had bad knees anyhow and on friday, i fell down directly on my right knee. boy did that ever hurt but in way would i have told him as i know he would come back early. so i took motrin and used ice and rest as best i could…

as i write today, it still smarts but not as bad..i guess everyday, it does get better..but damn it hurt like a mother

i am doing OK
work is still stressful

hard to describe..changes? some good….some not so good…
no communication…..low morale…it does take a toll on you after a while

so how are you??
talk to me?
ask me questions..

did you fill out your NCAA brackets?


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