Why me……

Why me has to be one of the least productive questions to ask yourself.

Why? I’m glad you asked. What you’ll find in this post is the answer to that question and why you need to stop asking Why Me?

1. Asking why me? places the focus on you: We’ve got to get over the thought the world revolves around us. It doesn’t. We’re just one more person on the rock that’s circling the sun.

When you ask Why me?, we’re looking at ourselves. There’s so many reasons something can happen to you or me. It’s not dumb luck or a curse. It’s just life.

Bad things happen. But it’s not because of you.

2. Asking why me? doesn’t offer any solutions:Think about when you ask the question, why me? If you got an answer, would it really make anything better?

I highly doubt you’d see an improvement. You’d probably get an answer you wouldn’t like.

Instead of asking Why me?, ask a better question.

You could ask: What could I do to avoid this situation next time? or Is the person who cut me off going through a rough time? or How can I make this better?

Looking for solutions helps with the problems. Focusing on you narrows the scope of the true problem.

3. Asking why me? brings a victim mentality: Society has begun to create a mindset that everyone is a victim. No one has to take responsibility for anything anymore. It’s not their fault.

You take any strength you may have had and give it away. You willingly put yourself into a position of weakness.

Honestly, you’re not that weak. And you’re, more than likely, not a true victim. You just hold the mindset of a victim.

Don’t be held back by thinking you don’t have a choice in what happens to you. You have the ability to get up, walk away, and move on.

4. Asking why me? leads to feeling depressed: If asking why me? brings out a victim mentality, it also can lead to depression. When you’re feeling powerless and weak, you have a hard time feeling good about yourself.

Depression can easily come about when we feel like we have no control.

Decide today that the question Why me? needs to be stripped from your vocabulary. Why me? doesn’t move you forward. It only keeps you trapped in the past.

You’re better than that. You can move forward. You can ask a better question when Why me?


This is dead one. The world does not owe us, the world did not draw our name from a hat and say, ok, lets screw up his/her day today. It’s all part of life. There are 2 sides to every coin. You can’t have good without bad, it just how you decide to grow with every situation that life brings upon you.



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