Fluro Xray and Fill

i took the day off from work to go see my dr..

well, d day arrived and let me stress how nervous i was…i did not sleep the night before and kept thinking all sorts of (things) that they were going to tell me that was wrong….and ending with me needing surgery for some reason…i was terrified…
and having to tell my ole man something like that was not something i was looking forward to doing..and i had convinced myself that it was…

so i dressed and headed to the dr..when i got there, not one person in the waiting room..shit you not…i thought they were closed LOL….but they took my info and i sat for less than 5 min and off i went through the doors…

i know i gained weight so i told the lady i did not need to see the numbers and she said no problem, just turn around…boom…..and off we went into the next room…she took my vitals….blood pressure excellent…..pulse a bit high and that was to be expected……and then off to the xray…..gotta take a look at the lap band to see if everything is okay as it had been over a year since i was here…

**please do not do like me……see your doctor regularly**

sat down in the chair and they placed the big machine up to my tummy and i swallowed some not so bad tasting liquid and they snapped the xray and off we went back to the room…no less than 5 min, did a most wonderful and nice lady appear…a very tall woman and somewhat on the (larger) side so i felt so comfortable that she would not judge me….i am the worse one on judging myself as you already know..

she propped her feet up and said talk to me…..so i did…i bet i talked for 20 to 25 min…about work, my work stress, my weight, what i do and what i didnt do, what happened the last 2 yrs and what made me stay away from the dr office..

she did not judge, she listened and nodded her head…..and when i finished, she said your band is FINE. …no issues and i cannot tell you how relieved i am ..and i was when she said that to me.

we discussed what i needed to do (protein first, veggies, fruit, move, drink) but the most important thing was she said i was not and am not a failure regardless of what i keep telling myself…

not that i dont believe it as i do feel like a failure to the highest level…but who am i to argue with a dr…haha

so she said lets do a fill and see what we can do to help…as i def need one.
for those who do not know, i have a lap band with plication WLS. every so often,
they put a needle into my stomach to to port and put some saline it to tighten the band that goes around the (neck) of my stomach so i wont eat so much…..i could but it makes me feel fuller sooner so i won’t eat as much…it works and it works better when i help it.

so she had a little issue finding the port…the needle went in (just a stick) and i felt her tapping the port (about the size of a dime) with the needle…..and she said the area she needed to stick the big ass needle is the size of a pencil eraser..

NOW i am starting to freak out…thinking it is my port…rememeber i said i had pain and i was scared i torn something (but hoped it was scare tissue)…well, i begin to normally begin to think surgery to fix the damn port…just GREAT…

i asked her, should i be worried…a resolute absolutely NOT
she said lets go to the xray again and check out the port itself…i was down for that..a bit nervous and scared but it needed to be done.

so she makes me stand in front of the xray machine, another lady moves the big cannon to my stomach and this lady kneels in front of me with a big needle…i am ok with needles, i am very tatted out but this was a new thing to me…

so the needle goes in and this time, it smarts a bit..
i can def feel it going through my skin

SCORE….with the help of the fluro xray, she made a bullseye into the port.
and no, you don’t feel a thing.

she suctioned out what i had in there (2 cc) and inputted (1 cc) for a total of (3 cc’s).

i was on liquids yesterday and today, as tolerated.
i can tell i am (tighter) if you will. i expect the next 5 or 6 days for the fill
and my insides to make the adjustments.

this means i will fill full…..quicker than normal
so i cannot over eat as i am full….(feeling) and if i push it, it will
really get uncomfy feeling..

so she put on a band aid and off i went……she wants to see me in 5 to 6 weeks.
and i will make that appt.

i got home and relaxed a smidge…relieved that my insides are not messed up.
i use to read lap band forum and obesity help but they trashed…and i mean BADLY, trashed the type of WLS that i have…it made me feel like crap and that this would happen (the band this and the band that)

what i do know is that my lap band works
it worked EVEN better when i worked with it
by eating what i know i need to
exercising (in my case…walking)
and doing the hard thing…being positive.

and that boys ands girls…..was my dr’s appt.

what say you?

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4 Responses to Fluro Xray and Fill

  1. gitfitsite says:

    Git Fit says, Great Job Carolina Girl!

  2. Eye Candy says:

    WONDERFUL!! Thank you for going.
    I had told CG I see my Lap Band doctor all the time. Went last week and go again in July.

  3. ap0pl3xy says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Go you!! You went, you got help, you are moving on. Kickass!!
    You can do it. Avoid the slider foods, put up with roughage and MEAT.
    I know you can do it!

  4. So happy you went! How relieved you must be to know there’s nothing wrong. I’m the type of person who would’ve worried myself into absolute hysteria but be too afraid to actually see what’s wrong. So proud of you!!! Prayers for continued health!

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