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what is the difference

The size of a cut can really alter the appearance and taste of a recipe, by making it ugly or because a diner could end up eating a large chunk of strong-tasting onion in one bite. From left to right: chopped, diced, and minced onions

The largest have been coarsely chopped, the second largest chopped, the second smallest diced, and the smallest minced.


Chopping: The vegetable is chopped into large, equal sized-chunks, about half an inch in length.

Dicing: The vegetable is diced into small, equal-sized cubes which are about half the size of ‘chopped’ chunks, about a quarter of an inch in size.

Mincing: The vegetable is finely sliced into tiny equal-sized pieces, about one eighth of an inch in size. When chopping onions, the chop should be so fine that the vegetable turns translucent



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