where you been??

hope that you are doing well…i am doing just fine. aside from my beloved UNC losing….ahem but that is another story….i see the weather on the west coast and the east coast is crazy….i wonder if that el nino is real??

i have always felt my mind set is my biggest foe or my biggest friend
it still is but it is still nice to have a close handful of friends to love/care about you.

here is a issue i am dealing with and i am sad…
hub is in a motorcycle club and i am friends with all the women
in the club and have them as friends on my facebook….none of them
woman ever like or comment on my stuff

why is that??
is it because i am stuck up (i am not, i am just quiet–dont do drugs or party til i puke ad dont partake in drama)

why should should i care??
but i do as i am soft hearted..

when i see people, i am as nice as i can be to all of them.
i must suck as a person ……but oh well what can i do??

anyhow, it is friday…..finally

how has your week been?


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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