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only 8 days..

i feel fantastic today…i battled my inner demons yesterday and i won.
my mom in law went into the hospital again and that was stressing enough and seeing hub worry so…..and then that bugger of a cold cheese burger..

someone asked me why cold and yuk
i happen to like eating items that are cold….such as but no more
pizza, cheese burgers, brunswick stew etc…it just tastes good to me

i have been (back) for 8 days……i feel most positive about food
and about that aspect of it..i am not stupid. i know what i need to eat
and what i dont need to eat

**note i did not say i could not eat.
i can eat whatever. it is just up to me to choose better options
and def eat something i like every so often…


i find that my mind set has to play a huge part if i am to achieve any type of success. But to whom is whom’s idea of success.

what i want is prob different than you
what i want is what eye candy doesnt want
what i want is different from Michelle
and so on

i have to do what works for me

what changes have happened in 8 days

well, i am drinking more water and again drinking my morning
protein shakes (excellent and easy choice for more protein)

i am eating more with my mind…..no bread, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta
lean red meat and mainly chicken and lots of veggies and the support from my ole man and a handful of close friends that i talk about about this…i am very close on my weight even though its obvious when you look at me.

and with me doing this for a mere 8 days..
i feel better

i do..

and to think, if i hadnt did this for 8 days, i would be
miserable and going when am i going to (start) again

but i did

and if you are reading this, so can you


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