walking with bad knees at chapel hill

last night we went to the dean dome for a basketball game..it was cloudy and windy and i woke up with my knees hurting more than normal..i was dreading to my beloved game due to my knees..

i texted with michelle my belle who ended up calling and giving me a much needed pep talk and my forever friend eye candy texted all day to me with support…and even let my guard down to try to express to hub my feelings and being ashamed

he said we’d go slow and well, that made my heart happy

when we got there, i was stressing badly and so after a bit, he flagged down a golf cart who drives people from parking spaces to the arena (dean dome has no parking and you have to park very far away)…and the driver perry of the golf cart drove me and hub to the front of the dean dome….i cant tell you how thankful i was…..hub rode in back with his hand on my shoulder…he wasnt ashamed or embarrassed of me…….i was……but he didnt seem to be bothered

so after the game…we barely won..dont get me started…i had to walk it back..there is 15,000 people and golf carts were busy…so hub said…we go slow..take our time, stop when need to…

so i held his arm and off we went..slowly and stopped 2 times to stretch out left knee..i guess we went a couple blocks and up a hill and you know what…i did it

i know people had to be looking at me or making fun of me and i told hub once that i bet people are seeing/laughing at me and he said so what….you are you

it hurt but i did it


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1 Response to walking with bad knees at chapel hill

  1. Michelle Jones says:

    Proud of you VA, but stop being so hard on yourself and remember the people who love you want laugh but help you!! Ok so you reach a very big goal, walking is great exercise and you did it in pain but you made it. Now push forward and continue the process. Even if you just walk around your own yard are a few times up and down a hall way it’s moving and it’s helps. You are SMART, KIND AND IMPORTANT. Love you girly, now enjoy the rest of your day off. Please continue to pray for my dad, he moved to Fayetteville yesterday.

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