6 Ways Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

YES…Protein is VITAL for any WLS patient. Getting back on track is key. Makes no nevermind what I did yesterday or last year, what matters is now and eating PROTEIN….read this post please

Julia Derek

My friend Martha McKittrick, one of New York’s best nutritionists, wrote this extremely useful article:

Healthy Nutrition. Beautiful Woman With Product In Kitchen. Food

I bet many of you have a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Here is a little secret that can help you in your quest … consume adequate protein at the right timesduring the day. This one little tweak may help you lose weight and keep it off! In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be posting several blogs on protein including:
#1. how it helps you lose weight,
#2. how much you need and where it’s found
#3.  meal planning ideas to incorporate these suggestions
Read on to learn how protein helps you lose weight.

We’ve all heard the debates on what kind of diet is best for weight loss – low carb, Paleo, low fat, etc. There is obviously no winning diet as each person is an individual and weight loss diets aren’t…

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