Get Off of Junk Food

I LOVE Junk food. I need to read this wonderful post.
Your turn now…


I reblogged this post from because I do think this post has merit, but I’m not a fan of this way of changing what your eating. I tried to move gradually into a healthy diet but I found it didn’t work, I’d always return to my old diet. I understand that some people know they have to change what they eat, but they don’t like giving up their favorite foods.

On Friday nights I would always have pizza out with a couple beers and I enjoyed that. I enjoy the food and the meal with my friends. I don’t like giving that up, and when I think about my social life, most of it is about eating out with my friends and meals with my extended family. How do I give that up? If you eat healthy 90% of the time, you don’t have to give up your social…

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