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I am struggling

I am not doing well and it is not a secret. My WLS of choice works except the only problem is that I do not work.

I overeat way to many calories
I drink way to many calories
and I do not exercise to work on those calories.

I have fallen back into the habits/traps to what made me as big as I ever was.
IF not careful, I will be that way again.

I must eat to lose weight
I must exercise to lose weight

BUT I need to believe in me again.
I do not.

I am super stressed at work….(aka I hate it)
I am super stressed at home……(aka mom in law health issues)
I am sad that my son will be moving to Alaska aka USAF said so

Life is and life happens
good and bad

I handle stress by eating
excess poundage for all the world to see

welcome to my world


10 thoughts on “I am struggling

  1. Think on this: if hunger is not the problem, then food is not the answer. Be strong. Change the tags on your blog to reflect more hope and less self-flagellation. I know you are feeling very weak and low right now, but small changes can reap large benefits.

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