bad day..


not with food…but with something personal..
most of you know my son is stationed in England with the air force..he has
been there for 4 long years

he is due to come back next yr stateside..and he will get stationed somewhere else
i was so hoping it would be on the east coast..

so my son emailed this morning and was so excited he got orders
he got an assignment..i was happy…..for a moment

my son is to report to Alaska in Sept 2017 for 4 long yrs
when they come home, grand baby will be 10 and she won’t even know me

now i get to see/read and hear other people enjoying their grand younguns
and i hurts to be a military mom

i feel like i did when he first left for the AF and then to England.
call me a baby but i have cried most of the day


maybe i am just a bad person..

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2 Responses to bad day..

  1. I’m sorry. Could you go and live with them there? Or at least visit quite frequently?

  2. I’m sorry for you disappointment and pain. I know it really hurts.

    You know you aren’t a bad person – that’s the voice of doubt.
    You deserve happiness and love. xo

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