start…and think

you can lose weight IF you want to
start out slow
start out by changing how you think

if you think you cannot do are right
but deep inside you know you can. you, prob like me, have
done it a zillion times….so what…do it once more

today, dont do anything drastic/different
today, just think

think about it
think about you
what YOU want to do……

Yes, YOU can…

and yes, i can

so today….start….
so today….think….


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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4 Responses to start…and think

  1. I had my WLS in 2013 – I have had gains and getting off track – I’ve stayed in touch with my Bariatric Team for wonderful support – they are always there for that. Because of my own very positive experience I’d support you to call your Team for an appointment – there is no shame in what you are going through though I understand you feel it heavily as did I – but through the help and caring of my dietician, nurse and social worker I’ve learned so much about what is really going on with me and food and weight – and I’ve got their full support and compassion, I believe your Team will give you that as well. HUGS!

  2. Eye Candy says:

    well said. I lost a few pounds after gaining last week. I was 80% good yesterday but I don’t eat turkey and stuffing and have never had pie in my life and there were 6 pies, some from a fancy NYC bakery, too.
    We can all try and behave again and again but we all have to eat smart and move the body, too.

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