need help/advise??? anyone?

i am having a hard couple of weeks at work..stress levels is beyond anything i can express to you as you read this…it seems i am getting more and more sh** piled up on me and my 2 co-workers on top of the already sky high sh** levels we already have..

 i have worked here almost 9 yrs and i have been here with the changes…some of the changes lately are not really that good and it affects the job i do or try to do i should say

i try to do good and not stress but i care too much…maybe that is my problem.
i take everything too seriously. and it is affecting me.

i get home maybe at 5 or 530…hub is there for 2 is messy
and he is a slob and as soon as i get in the door, its what you doing, you hungry and yadda yadda yaddda…when all i want is to destress and take a moment
and have me time

why is it me that seems to be stressing so bad here lately at work?
i love what i do…aspects of it…but

how do i let go of what i cannot control and maintain the high road?


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4 Responses to need help/advise??? anyone?

  1. Eye Candy says:

    talk to your boss. Tell them what you just wrote.
    Also tell the wonderful man at home, you need me time until 6:30pm everyday. Or don’t come home until then. Go to a book store and read. Go get free makeup applied. Walk around a mall and then sit and have coffee, alone. Just never tell him I said it or he’ll call me and kill me.
    Also I am a slob, hire a cleaning service for once a week or month or whatever to help. I use to have weekly help.

  2. Courtney says:

    I agree with Eye Candy. Tell the hubs you need some me time. Even if only 10 min. I’ve told my son and husband that nobody is allowed to talk to me until I’ve drank my coffee each morning. They know not to say one word, aside from “good morning”. I need quiet time to gather my thoughts and get ready for the day.

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