Feeling sorry for myself…

I can’t walk far ..yet…but I am trying. Hub and me the doberman went for a walk today.

I am/was feeling sorry for myself because I only wen a short distance and then I came across this article from The Leaf. I sit at a desk 8 to 9 hours a day and this made me think I am doing okay…not great, but I am trying.


You’ll undo damage from hours of sitting.
You may have heard that “sitting is the new smoking,” with prolonged time on your tush increasing your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even death. Some of sitting’s badness has to do with circulation—it reduces blood flow to your legs. But just 10 minutes on your feet can fix it: Scientists found that even after 6 hours of sitting, a 10-minute walk got blood flowing correctly in the legs again.

You’ll get a boost of creativity.
If you’re feeling stuck at work, don’t give the problem fresh eyes—give it fresh legs with a walk, and you’ll come up with more creative solutions. Scientists at Stanford found that people who walked, either on a treadmill or outside on a path, gave more creative responses on tests designed to measure creative thinking compared to those who tried to solve the problems while seated. So get up and get some new ideas!

You’ll help strengthen your bones.
Office workers have a higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency, which can result in soft, weak bones—that’s because D gives your body the ability use the calcium you eat in milk and other dairy products. A Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with higher risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. And it’s simple to get more: Step outside during the day. When you’re in the sun, your body produces Vitamin D. So a 10-minute walk at lunch could save your from osteoporosis and cancer later in life.

What are your thoughts??

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7 Responses to Feeling sorry for myself…

  1. dcarmack says:

    You really want to know what I think?

  2. New Journey says:

    One step in front of the other…as long as your trying…..whooo hoooo….kat

  3. Christine's 63 Day Weight-Loss Journey! says:

    Hey your right on what you said. Your trying and I would say you are feeling sorry for your self. If you think you are stop! Kick that thought out of your head. At lest you are doing something that most ppl who are over weight should be doing. If you are walking 10 mins add little at a time. I did that with running when I first started. I couldn’t run a mile for a week I ran for 5 mins, then I found out on the second week I can go for nother 5 mins….then I end up doing a mile run….those miles became 2 miles and now I love running I can do up to 9 miles…yeah it takes me 1 hr 45 mins so what. I did it so can you with your walking

    • as long as we try….
      i remember when i started, i couldnt walk far
      but i kept at it….and then i gave up

      and now am back to where i began and it def makes me mad
      BUT i can bitch/wine about it or do something about it

      YOUR words are inspiring to me and helping me
      thank you very much

  4. RachelleGreene says:

    Hey there! I think this article is spot on. Personally, I’m a writer, so sitting at the computer for extended periods of time is my cup of tea. However, I try to get up for five to ten minutes per hour and walk around, do dishes, or make some actual tea. It really helps! Plus those minutes add up; that’s a potential SIXTY MINUTES of walking per day that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

    In other news, KEEP GOING! You can do this! I hope you’re doing well otherwise. Hugs!

  5. New Journey says:

    They say that 10 minutes a day is a great start….when I worked at a desk job I got up at least every hour and did a couple minutes of stretching….and you look beautiful in the picture from the wedding…kat

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