Basics..#2 Eat more protein

written by Nick Tate:

Low-fat diets are out. High-protein diets are in. That’s because many nutritional studies show people who cut down on carbs and boost consumption of chicken, fish, certain cuts of meat, and plant-based proteins reduce their risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

But the kinds of foods you eat — as well as when and how much — are the keys to making the most of a high-protein diet, according to new research found,  most Americans don’t consume enough high-quality protein to take advantage of the well-known benefits of such foods — such as boosting metabolism, shedding pounds, increasing feelings of fullness, and helping the body retain muscle.

No. 1: Eat a protein-rich breakfast.

Eggs, yogurt, fish, and certain cuts of meat are all better choices than high-carb cereals or toast for breakfast. Such foods can lead to lasting feelings of fullness that help keep you from snacking during the day, studies have shown.

Drs recommends aiming for 30 grams of protein for breakfast — roughly the amount in 1.5 cups of yogurt or a four-egg omelet. Eating a protein-rich breakfast containing about 30 grams of protein leads to even greater satiety throughout the day and can reduce unhealthy snacking by improving appetite control.

No. 2: Eat less for dinner.

If 30 grams of protein for breakfast sounds like a lot,  planning ahead — by eating less protein for dinner, and more for breakfast and lunch — can make it easier to accomplish that goal.

Most Americans have their biggest meal at night, even though nutritional studies suggest lighter dinners and heartier, protein-rich breakfasts have greater health benefits.

No. 3: Add a little protein to daily meals.

Most Americans consume too many carbs, and too little protein, at virtually every meal. Individuals should aim for a diet that contains at least 1.2 grams of protein for every 2.2 pounds of body weight. For example, a 150-pound woman who wants to lose weight or prevent weight gain should eat approximately 90-100 grams of protein a day.

For most Americans, that can be accomplished by doubling the amount of protein eaten at breakfast and lunch. Another option: Consumer protein-rich snacks between meals — such as cottage cheese (20 grams per five-ounce serving), peanut butter (8 ounces per tablespoon), or several slices of deli turkey (18 grams.

No. 4: Consume high-quality protein.

Not all proteins are created equal. High-quality “complete protein” foods — such as beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products — contain all the essential amino acids a body needs and are easily digestible.

But most plant-based proteins found in vegetables and grains are lower quality “incomplete proteins” that lack one or more essential amino acids and are less digestible.


My doctor told me to aim for 70+ protein per day. I can do this. Sometimes I am under and sometimes I am over. My protein shake is 32 grams per shake with fat free milk so it is a good start. Good snacks are high protein bars. The one thing I cannot eat is fish or yogurt and how I wish I could.

What are your thoughts on protein? What do you do for more protein?


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5 Responses to Basics..#2 Eat more protein

  1. I don’t count my protein but I make sure that’s the first thing I eat. This week for some reason – it’s just been a very emotional week for me – I’m finding all I craved was carbs. So I wanted Shreddies for breakfast and English muffins and bagels. And guess what? That’s what my body kept craving. It’s a vicious cycle. When I eat protein, I have no cravings. When I eat carbs, all I want is more carbs. I need to get back on track.

    • when i am on point….i eat and once a week, eat something that is not that good for me…(i love mc nuggets–ok, its out there)
      protein is vital and key and should always be first to eat esp if WLS was involved…

      are you back on track?
      i am trying to get back… being a blogger HELPS

      • I am. I have days. This week was a good week, but I’m at a standstill with my weight right now. But I’m not panicking. I know I need to push further now in order to see results as opposed to just watching it melt away.

  2. im all about protien and lots of vegies!!! when i was on my diet I was doing a protein packet for breakfast ( not sure of the qty) and 8oz of meat/chicken/or egg for both lunch and dinner.

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