Self Esteem

David is a power lifter and he posts some great and encouraging posts on FB.
today is one on self esteem. I believe i was suppose to read this today. I hope you dont mind if i share with you. If you can, please take a moment to read this short paragraph. maybe it will hit you somewhere like it did me.


Self esteem can be one of the most elusive traits someone can battle on a daily basis. Something that you need to tie up and pull along just to keep it from plummeting. It seems to slip sometimes just when you need it the most. Rather than focusing on your self esteem directly, start focusing on your determination, your focus, your drive. Pumping life into those other traits will pump life into your self esteem, it will grow, it will be shaped, to the point that it will be pulling you along instead of you pulling it. Your confidence will rise and your goals will become more defined. By no means is this easy, but having a blueprint always helps on how to start building a solid foundation and this is where your upgrades begin. Your time is right now. ‪#‎IHEARYOUBEAST


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