I so needed to hear this…

There are 2 teams in this game of life.. a team of people talking behind your back, itching to see you fail.. dragging your name through the mud.. then there is the team of just a true few.. who believe in you.. that have rode with you even when the lights were out in your confidence.. that want nothing more, but to see you succeed in life. Which team are you going to be apart of? Which team are you going to help out? Because letting team failure affect your day is turning your back on the team that has your back because your misplacing your energy trying to convince the unconvincing of a vision that they weren’t given the ability to see. They are just life’s balance of negative and positive. Leave them to do their job in frustration and give them something to talk about! ‪#‎IHEARYOUBEAST‬

by powerlifter David Douglas


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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