Yes, I am sorry

I am sorry that i let myself down
it is my fault that I stopped working out and starting eating high fat/fast food/snack foods again. I am owning it. I hate myself for what I have done. It is what it is as I allowed myself to fall back into the easy.

I just had to admit that.


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13 Responses to Yes, I am sorry

  1. stephieann8 says:

    I stopped my couch to 5K. It was hurting me too much. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Another day another opportunity!

  2. dcarmack says:

    If you want to lose fat you have to eat fat. Replace all of your sugar and carb calories with healthy saturated fat calories. Try this. In the morning instead of breakfast have coffee with two TABLESPOONS of unsweetened heavy cream per cup. Have that for breakfast. You will not be hungry until lunch. If you get hungry before lunch have another coffee with REAL cream in it. Half and half has sugar in it but cream doesn’t. Milk has sugar in it. Either one will make you hungry but cream keeps hunger away. Butter works in your coffee too for the same reason.

  3. For those of us in the public eye it is particularily difficult to oppenly admit our shortcommings. You own your shortcommings and continue to push forward. A failure is only a failure if we fail to learn from the experience.
    Keep it up girl. Things will work out. You already know what works and what doesn’t so use it.
    I myself am re-starting my walking program tomorrow. I need to re-focus.

    • It was hard to post that the other day and tell whomever my shortcomings. i was scared people would see me as a failure/a phony etc..but it was ME that i had lied to..i got so depressed that i stopped trying anymore and i gained weight step/one change at a time…

      how are you?
      you are in my heart/thoughts?

  4. We all stumble and fall, this isn’t about having a perfect record, it is about learning how to pick ourselves up and continue on towards our goals. It isn’t an easy journey we have decided to take but if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it!

    Every stumble is an opportunity to grow stronger. We have this! YOU have this. And while we have never met, I am proud to read this. Apologize, brush yourself off and pull yourself back up (and stop hating yourself! You are an amazing human being, but you ARE human.)

    I believe in you ❤

  5. New Journey says:

    Right there with you sister….lets just let that be then and the future is now….back at myself….I though the word vacation was a free pass for stuffing myself silly!!!

    • The future is is here. Now that I took that huge step and confessed to my hub and to my blog post that I need help
      and that yes I am struggling BUT it is not the end of the world. ONLY I can change that…IF I want to…

      I do now.

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