If you need a pick me up, READ THIS

David the beast Douglas writes motivation on Facebook. I am honored to share this blog post with you:

Be yourself today… Look in the mirror and be yourself.. So what if people don’t get who you are, don’t understand you.. have certain opinions about you..appreciate the person who you are and embrace the person that you are trying to become.. outside opinions of you will never become your reality unless you open the door for them to be.. There is a reason that you are who you are and do what you do.. Don’t feel obligated to have to explain that to the world to try and fit in or seek justification for your journey. Its NO ONE’s business, but yours.. I reach out to everyone right now who wants to do better, wants to be great, but worried about being lonely, being criticized, or talked about during the journey.. Don’t let the hate from people who know nothing about you keep you from your destiny. You have a clear path infront of you with negative whispers trying to tell you not to take another step.. Never defend your personality or apologize for who you are because the true people in your life will be walking next to you and accept you and where you are trying to go as you accept them for who they are.. I say all of this because you will never be truly happy until you embrace yourself.. and once that happens.. your confidence to push forward to your goals becomes a whole lot easier.. Stay blessed this morning FB! ‪#‎IHEARYOUBEAST‬


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