God watch over the USAF in England

After what happened again in France, LOVE your family today. Our military son is in the UK serving his country and we want him home safe. Our heart breaks daily with worry. Freedom is hard for this Air Force Mom and Dad. Remember those who are not in the USA at this time..Be thankful you can hug/kiss your kids as we cannot…Wyatt serves is country proudly…Radical Islam has declared war……WTF


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3 Responses to God watch over the USAF in England

  1. Heartafire says:

    It’s so very devastating, my prayers are with you and your son and all our military, and the world , we must defeat this monstrous mutation Radical Islam.

  2. Very sad post. I am an American who has argued that our country has let down the world with its initial response to this horrifying problem of hate. My prayers go out to your son and everyone who serves in the military. May they all arrive safely.

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