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being fat doesnt make you bad

today is the 2nd day that i have felt (good)…mentally and physically.
so what if i am over what i want to weigh..does this make me a horrible person?

no, it just shows that i chose to overeat way to many calories and not exercise BUT it doesnt make me a bad person..it just means i excess weight..I am still kind and considerate and caring

i had WLS to help me eat less and it works BUT if i dont help it (by eating better quality foods and exercising), no WLS will help me or anyone else.

so you need to what works for you be WLS or not…
so its back to the *(basics)* and what works for ME

protein protein
watching the cals in vs cals out
and making better choices

*note that i do not feel any food is bad. just some foods
are better for us than others..i prefer to eat french fries 24/7 but they are not good me esp if they are fried

*note to eat when hungry..starving does not work..us dieters know this already..just leads to binges later on..

*3500 calories is pound whether we eat it or drink it


3 thoughts on “being fat doesnt make you bad

  1. nice one. I have a problem, french fry lover, they make me stuck. Sometimes I can do 1 or 2. I use to be a queen of them too but never with salt. I hate salt.
    Got on the scale today and I am down, just hope I don’t fuck this up again and get back up on the numbers.

  2. This is a healthy attitude. I find the more I dwell on my weight the more weight I gain. I, too, have tried to go by the loose clothes rather than numbers on a scale. If the dress starts getting tight again I know to be aware of what I eat. Whereas, if I see the numbers go up on the scale I just get defeated. Don’t know why this works but I am not questioning it! 🙂

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