Toothpaste…For real

i came across this on the daily mail website (yes i go there to be up to date on what Kim and Kylie Kardashian wear OK—my weakness)..

anyhow, this is very interesting. what other uses are for toothpaste. give it a read and tell me what you think..i say, why not..

1.) Polish a dirty mirror

It might sound counter-intuitive to start smearing toothpaste all over your bathroom mirror, but trust us, it works! Next time you’re brushing your teeth, smear a bit of toothpaste on the mirror and wipe it dry.

The glass polishes up beautifully and it also has the added effect of stopping the mirror from fogging up when you’re taking a shower, so by the time you get out, you’ll still be able to see your face clearly

2.) Sneaker Whitener

Think you’ll never get those sneakers as clean as they day you bought them from the shop? Not to worry, your kicks can be cleaned with a swipe of toothpaste around the soles of your shoes. All it takes is a smidgen of the minty stuff to put some fresh glide in your stride and wipe away those dirty-looking scuff marks.

With some elbow grease and some toothpaste, those bothersome blemishes will be wiped away and you’ll be able to stroll down the street safe in the knowledge you’re like walking whiteout. The trick also works for white leather as well, not just the rubber of your sneakers.

3.) Fridge seal cleaner

Toothpaste doesn’t just clean teeth, it also works wonders on other bathroom and kitchen appliances. Try using it to clean the seal around your fridge. The toothpaste acts as a cleaning agent. Toothbrushes are also the perfect size for cleaning refrigerator seals and toothpaste is ideal for whitening. In other words, it’s the perfect combo.

4.) Jewelry cleaner

Diamond rings can dull over time, yet with a little bit of toothpaste and a good rinse, they’ll be sparkling away in no time. The trick works on pieces of metal too so if that chunky bracelet or metal watch strap is becoming marked, you can rub it down with a dry cloth and use some toothpaste to knock off the dirt. A word of warning however, do not use this method on pearls, as it will damage their finish.

5.) Food odor remover

You can remove the stench of onions, fish, garlic and other odoriferous foods from your skin by scrubbing briefly with toothpaste.  After rubbing the paste into your hands and giving them a good rinse, you can apply lotion to moisten your hands.


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2 Responses to Toothpaste…For real

  1. Eye Candy says:

    very nice info, thank you. I can not believe you like that phony family. Oh well, each to their own.

  2. James says:

    You’ll probably love this:

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