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things changed today

the stress of the new boss changed as he was let go effective 9 a.m. today
i felt sad briefly as i do not want anyone to be out of a job but the stress has left me exhausted for the last 2 weeks and today, i am like…..WTF

so that is where it stands today at work.
i do not think i had any part of that however, HR requested me and the 2 other ladies who kept notes of his no for work words/sentences. i am not a prud but dang,
sometimes a man who is suppose to be *management* albeit in his head LOL, does not
need to say somethings around women.

will karma bite me?
i hope not

wish him well i do, but see ya


One thought on “things changed today

  1. Karma never bites when its done for the right reason….this person needed a good eye opening change in there life….maybe this will make a difference in the way the act on the next job…you actually did them a favor…karma is wonderful, and you did nothing wrong…its important to stand up for yourself….kat

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