Last time..

today is the last time EVER in history that it will be May 31, 2016.

How about you and I do this today:

let go of everything we did not do right
let go of the negative things people have said
let go of all the BS that our mind is telling us

FOCUS on, you. Right this moment.


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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7 Responses to Last time..

  1. Christine's Journey To Weight Loss! says:

    And are you doing that for your self right now???


    Carolina Girl – this free app came to me uninvited and unexpected.
    Do you have a meditation practice?
    I do but very iffy – it is more that I believe meditation works and I WANT to do it but it is difficult for me to still my mind.
    This apt is perfect for me, a near beginner – it helps choose what you are feeling and recommends a meditation for and you choose if you want to do it and for how long. It even has a timer.
    As of today May 31, 2016 this is what I am doing differently to help my recovery from food addiction and depression.,

    Peace, Anne in Maine

  3. Nena says:

    Yes! Just let go:) Powerful message in just a few words:)

  4. siobhan843 says:

    What I do is write down the things I didn’t get right that day, and I crumple the paper up and throw it in the recycling. It’s my way of letting go of the day’s stresses

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