which door to knock on..

yes, it is a holiday
but i can also today make today to start a new..a fresh..to begin again

i am at a point today that i want to give away my stress that is on my shoulders
and weighing heavy on/in my thoughts and get it all off my mind

it is making me very unhappy and i am eating/drinking and not exercising

i am at a low in my life that i have had enough

i am tired of caring if A and her click of friends like me or if anyone likes me
i am tired of caring who thinks i am fat or not and who is laughing at me
i am tired of caring who my friend is on facebook or not or who follows me or not
i am just plain tired

i have had enough

life is life

eat (limit fast foods/processed/boxes items)

drink (limit high cal/sugar/alcoholic)

move (even if its a step or two..its something)

we can’t unring the bell but we can choose which door to knock on


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4 Responses to which door to knock on..

  1. I hear you loud and clear and I so know the feelings of having had enough and being so tired of it all! ! !
    The best comfort I can think of is to remember that these feelings, too, shall pass., when we stay still and let them.
    It is “normal” for every woman I’ve ever met who struggles with food, weight, and body image issues to go through times of
    despair and discouragement.
    The one thing that I know is true is if you hang on and walk through it – the negativity does pass and you will feel better again. Much love to you from a sister “walker”. XO
    You deserve to feel happy and good about yourself, hang in there.
    love, Anne

  2. Christine's Journey To Weight Loss! says:

    You know after I finished high school in 1993 I started to put on weight. I guess in my 20s up to my 30s I was putting weight. I got tested by my mom when I was around 20 yrs old I think she said as I got out of the boat she said look the boat went up, that hurted my feelings. There was so much more she had said. I said to her one day that you never tell someone that who is trying to lose weight that.

    I was asked by ppl and kids when am I due….I was 220 lbs. I love food big time but food don’t like me. I would sneak food,that wasn’t good for me. I had low self asteem, I couldn’t look at my self. I would turn away, or not even look. I hated shopping for cloths with my mom. She would yank them and make remarks.

    I was size 18 in pants 1x in t-shirts- XLarge. Never fun, I always wore strip tshirts thinking that it would hide the fat, but it didn’t. I hated working out….but now I don’t mind, I run lission to my music iPod. It helps. I go for walks with my auntie and my dog once ever 3 days. I am now down to 171.3 lbs. it has been hard work.

    Oh by the way, I was in the mall,past a windo and saw reflixshon of my self I had to go back and look as I didn’t recanise that person looking at me. With the weight I lost I feel happier I look and dress better. I don’t care what others say.

    My mom is better with me,I love to go shopping and she is better with it…

    Point of it all need to go threw hard times push threw it at the end you will win. I saw old pic of me back then and now pic I look much better now. Still could lose somemore

    • you are a goddess….loved this story…PROUD of you. i need to be confident or more so like you..

      • Christine's Journey To Weight Loss! says:

        thanks but I am no goddess still have my down fall’s…not that confident but it is getting better. In time you will be the same. Just keep pushing forward and never give up.

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