Do you see me?

this was me yesterday…how are you? it was raining and i took this..we were going over to our friends house but my tummy got upset, #2 and we had to come home sorry about being embarrassed..i spent two hours crying that they thought i didnt want to be with them..but i sure did….WTF is wrong w/me???  thank you to eye candy who said dont worry about it and change your panties and move on….but you know  me, i stress and worry about it all..

one of my friends/sister deleted her FB and then re-did it and did not add me..i of course think its me and what did i do/say etc…or what didnt i this is bothering me n today..she said its not me ……BUT i..well. you know..

am i this horrible person? am i who i see in my mind??  what is wrong with me? why do i care ??  i want to stop this..what matters is me…not everyone else


anyhow..below is me…50 yrs old in my driveway



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5 Responses to Do you see me?

  1. Christine's Journey To Weight Loss! says:

    You know what there is nothing wrong with you at all. I thought the same way so has everyone in this world. I know I have, and still do at times. I don’t allow ppl to know me for who I am because of my disability (learning) that I am worried that I may say something dumb or were I struggle to say somthing. All in all I don’t care anymore but in someways I am still on guard with it. About # 2 it doesn’t happen all the time does it, you may have just ate something that didn’t agree with you. I have done that my self I am 42 yrs old. We all do.

    Btw you look like a lovely person, don’t allow your own thoughts get best of you. Grab on to them and cast them out.

    • ……my #1 main issue is my own thoughts…i dont need enemies as i am my own worst one. i so appreciate you taking time out of your day to jot me a note…it means a lot to me..maybe this has only made me stronger…

      • Chistine's Personal Journal says:

        Hi I am still here but my blog isn’t I am planing to start all over again. Yes it will still be on my weight loss and few other things. Or I may just do blog about 90 day weight loss Journey because that is how many days have left before my trip to Hawaii. I would like for you to still fallow me once I figure things out.

        Now to answer what you said. You said that you don’t need enemies….I sure hope I didn’t come a cross or say anything wrong. Because that isn’t what I want to happen. If that ever happens plz let me know. Remember not here to hurt you just to give you a poke or two to say hey you can get threw this ect… It is improtent to keep in tuch to see how others are doing some times when we feel week we need to read (postive note) to help us take a step or two. I know i sure did. I had one of those days. Thank to my friend were I lived once she helped me to get back back on track again.

        Yes our thoughts can be come our enemies. Those times is were we need to stand strong and say no. Yes it is hard but it can be done. I have been there and sure I fall from time to time because I lision to my own thoughts ( enemies) but learn to say ok (brush it off) and just start the next day fresh. Not look back keep putting one foot in front of other.

        Remember YOU are more strong (mind) then you think you are.

      • NO No NO. I dont need enemies as I am my own worst enemy. I have always known my mental makes it harder for me.
        I live in the past..

        I think you need to blog to just blog. Post pictures or write your feelings. I promise to follow you when it up and running again.

      • Chistine's Personal Journal says:

        not sure what I am going to call it the blog that is was thinking Christine’s 70 Day Weight Loss Journal….but not sure.

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