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stop my insanity

things have been hectic for me at work. there is a man who has joined my dept to work with me and friend M..lets just say when at someone who has no idea what you/we do or what our company does, says i am the one making decisions and what i say, goes…then a few days of hearing his past military and he weird out bursts, i truly began to hate going into work. and still do today.

i hear only in my left ear and i did a webinar with about 100 people and apparently he said i was driving him crazy because i talked so loud and he pounded the desk out of frustration when i was on the phone. M and A told me later when I was on the phone as i did not realize it.

i am really trying to not let things bother me BUT you know me,
i take things very personal. maybe its me who is the one with issues???

hub and M say let him be the big cheese..i am trying…but its me and m who will be the ones cleaning up the mess….

not eating well…aka eating to much and not making good choices

sorry i have been MIA
please forgive me

if you read this, thank you.


6 thoughts on “stop my insanity

  1. Aww that’s not good, start a diary of what’s going on and then when you have enough details go and speak to your human resources manager! I hope you get it sorted soon!

    I have also been MIA and eating too much! So I can forgive you, can you forgive me?

  2. I agree go talk to the HR and see if they have any suggestions….he may not even be aware of your hearing issue and then again he is a male which can make him a jerk just for being a man…LOL breath…I would sit back and not do anything..but that’s me……go talk with HR…you will feel better…kat

      • Yay a good HR will take care of this problem….nice that a group went in together…..its always nice when people are not afraid to speak up for themselves and work environment….kat

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