Please answer?

i am struggling with work issues here lately and its taken a big toll on me and my positive outlook. What do you do to lighten your thoughts when you are doubting?

i would love to read how you react/handle stress esp related to work or whatever else



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16 Responses to Please answer?

  1. Jonzie says:

    I am not sure about what kind of stress you are having, but for me I do a couple of things:
    1. PRAY
    2. Listen to uplifting and positive music as I can.
    3. Slow Deep Breathing
    4. I get up and walk around for about 5 mins as I can.
    5. I remind myself that the best I can do is my best. I have to try and focus on that. I have to understand that I can only do MY BEST.and then work to meet the expectations set giving it my best. I also have to understand that my best, sometimes, isn’t good enough, but I still try.

    I hope that helps!

  2. Miss Sherri says:

    I have a close friend that I vent to. After venting, I usually take some time to process everything and then make changes as necessary to deal with the stressor. I haven’t personally tried this but, many adults are coloring to help relieve stress.
    Miss Sherri

  3. houseocdfan says:

    I have a ‘feel good’ play list on my ipod (most other people think the songs are depressing) and I play that either on my way to work or on the way home and have been known to sneakily play it at work. Or if its an ‘overall’ bad day I go to my happy place when I get home – ‘HouseLand’ where I watch my favourite episodes of my favourite tv show and smile….always makes me feel better. If its to do with ‘weight’ issues and I need inspiration I read other peoples blogs or stories to try and get something back, I need some motivation for fitness at the moment….lost mine altogether. Hope you find something to help you 🙂

      • houseocdfan says:

        Sorry, didn’t see you had replied. Songs on my feel good list are: No Surprises by Radio Head, Desire by Ryan Adams, Gravity By Jon Mayer, As Tears Go By By The Rolling Stones, Say by Jon Mayer, Rolling In The Deep by Adele, Diamonds By Rihanna, St James Infirmary by Hugh Laurie (this song actually sooths my soul) Univited by Alanis Morisette I think I am missing a couple, but iTunes lost my play list for some reason. Hope you found something to help you x

  4. that is exactly what I do. I curl up with my newspaper and a Walkman, if it’s really bad.

  5. New Journey says:

    I remember its only a job, it doesn’t have the power to make me feel bad, I great everyone the same, its always my pleasure to do what ever I am told, I leave work and forget about the day I had in those 4 walls and go home to my real life…..its hard sometimes….but don’t give anyone the power over your happiness….no matter….its just a job, as soon long as your doing the best you can, and pulling your part of the deal, then its all good!!!! hope its better….kat

  6. If the job stress is unnecessary and you are not enjoying the job I would leave the job. I am proactive like that. I would never wait for divine intervention. You are the boss of your own fate.

  7. Hi Carolina Girl, Historically I do NOT handle stress well – and food was my answer for everything. That is changing.
    What works for me now is focus on relaxation, deep breathing and centering – whatever works for you. When at home I sit in my recline – put on relaxing music on Pandora – lie back and place an eye pillow over my eyes and focus on slowly breathing in and out – in the abdomen slowly rises and think something positive like “hope” – breathing out let the abdomen slowly head back toward the spine and letting go of something negative like “stress”.
    Away from home I excuse me and go to the bathroom and do the same. Or Pray. Or Both.
    Hang in there! First step is awareness. You can do this!
    HUGS, Anne Wing

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