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Letter from the fat lady…

yes i am fat

yes i am short
yes my stomach sticks out and its saggy (due to past weight loss)
yes i have thunder thighs
i guess i have cankles

but i am who i am
does it make me bad or nasty because i am who i am?
does it make a less than a human?

i dont stink
i am nice
i have a job
i have a home
i have a husband who loves me for whatever reason

i have family
i have friends (and some who are fake friends)
i have a nice home
i have a happy doberman puppy
i have a gorgeous grandbaby
i have a great son
i have a great daughter in law

i am healthy (aside from being fat)
i dont have any bad ill’s that make my life hard

i am who i am

i wish people would see me and accept me for ME instead
of judging me by the outside

i am the one who is struggling with that
if i feel that way, other people must also

so what…..


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