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it hurt….

i came home from work…had a head ache from hell but i put my sneakers on and went for my walk..my right knee hurt bad…but i did it…i kept thinking as cars drove on by, were they thinking look at that fat lady……or were they laughing…or maybe, one said, well at least she is trying

and i am


13 thoughts on “it hurt….

  1. i like that thought dcarmack, I had an incident the other day when I was walking and a car full of young people drove past me very very fast and started shouting abuse out of the window. Of course my automatic default was ‘they are thinking I’m fat!’ That may not be the case but I should stop thinking what others might or might not be thinking and keep focussed in my own head.. so thank you both

  2. The truth is that all that matters is what is in your head therefore do not allow the negative to enter. My friend… You were already ahead of the game when you out your walking shoes on. Babe feed your ears good positive stuff and they will stop your mind from wondering what others might be t hinking or saying. Help your mind help your body. There is lots of good stuff to listen to. Free good shit! Never forget that so many of us are so very proud of you and even more importantly you have been an example many a time that we have followed. Keep kicking ass girl.

    • It’s true but it is hard not to thing those thoughts. I have been there and it was hard to brake free but in time it will get better

  3. Keep on keeping on. And what others think really shouldn’t affect us as much as it does. We should ignore other voices and concentrate on the prize.

  4. I would bet that no one even noticed you walking there….sad but true…that’s why we have to watch the traffic when we are walking…and what happen to positive reinforcement mantras…and of course you were out walking, your being good to yourself…so stop with the negative!!!!!!!!! kat

  5. Just came across your blog, & just want to say, I think you’re awesome!! Be proud of yourself, & know a fellow Southern girl is rooting for you!!

  6. Hi that is good keep the good work you are doing it is hard to lose weight…just try different things you may like. Yes you are trying…I was 220lbs I had ppl looking at me,they still do when I am 175.0 lbs. I want to say is dcarmack is right were you not need to be in anyone’s head but your own. You can do it but it will take time

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