You and I are NOT alone..

This is for the people who have problems or issues that you just can’t call up anyone to fix.. For the people who have scars physically or emotionally that you bottle up because you don’t ever want anyone to use it against you or feel a certain way.. Know that you are not in this alone.. There are so many of us feeling that same pain.. And don’t speak a word.. That’s why it’s so important not to judge someone off the bat because you have no idea what battleground that individual is in.. Listen.. Find your rock.. I urge you to find it.

If you don’t have that certain individual in your life to vent to, then you NEED to find something to vent with.. Gym, track, pool, writing, reading, singing.. ANYTHING.. Because the more you lay idle and let that tank pressure build up, the greater chance of you losing control of your mindset.. Don’t let your own stubbornness defeat you..‪



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2 Responses to You and I are NOT alone..

  1. distae says:

    Excellent advice! So good to be reminded-when mired in the muck. M.E.

  2. Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

    Your right…but sometime going to the gym or running ect may not always help…just depends on what is going on in ones life…such as if someone in the past was sexual abuse, or have low self worth, or emotional abuse. It is important to see help, with someone who has training in that field.

    However if a person starts yelling at you because they had bad day,that may have given you bad day. Then yes running, gym,swimming ect will help.

    For example I had an addiction and it took over my life….and few other things. I got help for that. Then after that I started to run, walks ect i started to slowly feel better on the in side and out. You are right we are not alone and fighting different things in our life. Just need to find what will help

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