Let’s Rock this Tuesday

This might not apply to everyone, but a lot of you will understand what im talking about. Some of you don’t have that support at home.. from husband/wife.. mother/father.. siblings or friends.. even co workers in some cases… but whoever it is that is in your life, you feel as though they don’t share the same desire to hold your dream up in the air along side you.. Listen.. Don’t waste your energy trying to convince someone of your dream and goal… Let the mist of your actions rain on them because whether they admit it or not they will feel that mist.. They cannot dictate if you reach your destination.. You and the big man upstairs can only make that happen.. If it feels like the whole world is against you.. so what.. are you gonna turn around and talk to every single one of them and try and convince them that what you are doing is for the better of you??? Or you going to throw your hood up, put your headphones in.. and grin.. because they don’t even realize how much fuel they are putting into your tank.. doubt will become irrelevant at the finish line when you stuck to your guns and finished the mission.. I believe in you as well as you should believe in yourself.. NEVER waiver from that.. Plant your feet and you hold that dream above your head centered and true.. don’t expect anyone to come to help even if they do and you will never be disappointed.. If you are with me on this one like this post and let’s rock this Tuesday!!


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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