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make up on Sundays?

i am proud to say i do not wear make up on sundays..do you??
sometimes i just want to not put on the war paint…

anyone else?


9 thoughts on “make up on Sundays?

  1. In my old age, I more or less gave up war paint. But I ran out and bought new foundation the other day and must say I really do look much better with it on. But today, not wearing it. I use to never go without it.

  2. Sometimes Sunday is the only day I have the opportunity to wear make up. However, today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was in a foul mood from the start so I said screw it.

  3. rarely do I put on war paint….and that’s what my husband calls it….if I am going somewhere fancy, maybe lipstick and a bit of mascara…but that’s it…mood or not!!! kat

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