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debbie downer

i am trying NOT to be a debbie downer today
today i will do the best i can as it is all i can do..
i cant help but think what if and why did i do that…

damn, i cant do crap right BUT i am trying
and that must mean..something..

does anyone read my stupid stuff??


12 thoughts on “debbie downer

  1. Yes, but it’s not always easy to know what to say. Sometimes people blog in order to process their thoughts and emotions. I know that’s what I do on occasion.

  2. I read your brilliant words every day and do enjoy them.
    I have been eating shit again. No reason. Many moons ago I did a weight loss program and when I hit the 170’s, I freaked out, stopped eating salads, stopped my 1 hour a day exercises. I hope my brain didn’t go back to that crap again.
    Keep up your good work CG! We can do this.

  3. I read your blog daily and it is not stupid it is very inspirational and uplifting. I look forward to reading your blog every day, you have helped me more than you will ever know, keep it up please. Thank you my friend!

    Marie Grider


  4. oh my…..of course we read your “stuff” and its not stupid!!!! so deep breath…and tell yourself that there is a bunch of us out here who enjoy you, we are all each others cheerleaders and butt kickers…now write something nice about yourself….yes go do it!!!!!! xxxkat

  5. I get worried when you do not post. YOUR not afraid to show how you are feeling, Many of us will only share when we are doing well.

    I agree with the others your blogs are not stupid but extremely genuine.

      • I have gained 10-15 in the past 6 months. Nothing fits and yet I went into my car and drove to the store yesterday and bought a huge piece of cake and 4 yummy cookies. Why!? because I am pissed at my husband. Private why, will not share that. I own 4 pairs of shorts from last summer, none fit because I am too large and I will not buy larger sizes.
        I am not a complete failure because I did not gain all my 70-80 pounds back just some. So CG you are not a failure because you are not the woman in the flower skirt.

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