STOP being the victim

I am keeping it real. It is about me and for me. I either own it and accept it.

Years after year, I find I am in the same position and claim to be victim. At some point, we are no longer a victim of another person, (for instance my mothers neg upbringing towards me) but a victim of your own poor choices. This is ME.

Watch what people say and do. Do they take any accountability for their position, many years later, or is it all someone else’s fault? That, right there, is an indicator, that you’re dealing with someone who has no personal responsibility or accountability.

They’ll play the poor me, (I was), have been, was cheated, abused, but at some point people (ME ME ME ME) have to be accountable for their own position in life. I have played the poor me damn near all my 50 years of being on this earth.

If a time has passed and you’re in the same rut you were, it’s your fault. No one else. ME ME ME ME ME ME

The 1st step is taking PERSONAL responsibility for where you are.
I did it by going back to the DR and facing the truth.

Blaming others, is trudging water, pointless, just like the life of someone who blames everyone else for their situation, their life is POINTLESS, frivolous and a victim of their own inability to see their self worth and achieve.

We’re all victims of something.

I can cry about it and bask in self pity (and yes overeat to sooth my wounds) and hate on anyone that dare not give me unlimited and unconditional sympathy, or I could.

Deal with that shit. Here and now TODAY

Heal the wounds instead of licking (or in my case, eat) them,
Pick up all my piece’s, knowing that they ain’t going to fit back together seamlessly, knowing every now and then a seam may burst and need some fixing up but get happy despite that.

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to STOP being the victim

  1. 0red0 says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I was there a long time too and you’re right, nothing changes. It can be so hard to wake up and stop being the victim and kind of scary too because all that responsibility but I honestly feel lighter in my mind and more positive about doing this since I stopped looking for other people/things to blame. I love that last little bit you wrote – healing wounds instead of licking them and keeping them fresh. Sounding strong!

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