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OK, you know i do not say nice things about me…but i have not one but 2 NSV

NSV-none scale victory

1. My friend went to lunch and bless her heart, brought me back some french fries. A few weeks ago, I would have ate it up so fast..she would think I was doing an impression of a piranha

2. Last night was bike night. So my hubs mc club (sometimes many go and sometimes not) meet up at a local bar for food/fun/beer (wine for me–remember as a WLS I cannot have carbonation) and music. So nothing on the menu is healthy. TRUE. So hub ordered a turkey/cheese sandwich. I ate some turkey cheese and tomato (a few bites) and no bread and that was it….He ate the rest.

its not much
but its a start

and as long as i go forward…….(you get my drift)..


2 thoughts on “NSV

  1. see what great choices your making….good for you….its all about taking care of you, and you have a wonderful husband that loves you and supports you….very proud of you and how your taking such good care of yourself…..well done!!! xxkat

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