Please read this………

The key is enjoy your life and eat your favorite treats in moderation


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to Please read this………

  1. New Journey says:

    I am so behind on reading post….so happy the frigin yard is done!!! So happy you are feeling more energetic….2 weeks is a great start…and protein is very beneficial to your health….glad your doing so well….I saw your picture…your beautiful…really I am not just saying that….you look fantastic…keep up the good work….every time I think I am hungry I drink a bottle of water…and if that doesn’t satisfy the urge I have an apple…seems to be working…..keep it up…kat

  2. Astrid de Manyet says:

    I think the key to enjoying life is to treat yourself now and then period… if you don’t… well… life tends to suck. I think we often forget to treat ourselves. Not just food you know? Like with the small things we love. Bubble baths. Candles at dinner (come on when was the last time you ate a candle lit dinner at home? I LOVE eating dinner by candle light, call me a hopeless romantic but it makes even the blandest of meal somehow more tasty!). Reading a really great magazine. Taking time to do a craft I love. Walking the dog on a warm day, or if my back is acting up to much, opening the balcony door to let the breeze in. Treats matter 🙂 Treat yourself well in all ways! Always. 🙂

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